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Houston's Channel Letters Signs
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Channel Letters Signs:
These three dimensional letters constructed of aluminum, plexi glass and lexan are lighted internally with either LEDs or neon. Most store front signs and many pole signs will have channel letters mounted to their fascias. Rather front lit, back lit, or a front lit / back lit channel letters we at Houston Sign Maker fabricate prestige channel letters in any style or format you desire. We take the time to make our channel letters rigid by bending back the lip of the sidewalls, as waterproof as possible by drilling drain holes in the bottom sidewall as well as caulking the internal seems and with the brightest illumination possible by using only the best electric components.
Family Practice Urgent Care

Family Practice Urgent Care (Channel Letters Sign)

Lymphedema Wound Care Institute

Lymphedema Wound Care Institute (Channel Letters Sign)

Blue Fish Restaurant

Blue Fish Restaurant (Channel Letters Sign)

Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel (Channel Letters Sign)

Blue Fish Japanese Restaurant

Blue Fish Japanese Restaurant (Channel Letters Sign)

24hr Emergency

24hr Emergency (Channel Letters Sign)

The Blue Fish Japanese Restaurant Night

The Blue Fish Japanese Restaurant Night (Channel Letters Sign)

Little Woodrow Shepherd

Little Woodrow Shepherd (Channel Letters Sign)

First National Bank

First National Bank (Channel Letters Sign)

St Francis Animal Hospital

St Francis Animal Hospital (Channel Letters Sign)

Island Health Center

Island Health Center (Channel Letters Sign)

J Blacks Feel Good Kitchen Lounge

J Blacks Feel Good Kitchen Lounge (Channel Letters Sign)

Aroma Classique European Bakery

Aroma Classique European Bakery (Channel Letters Sign)

Swatch Swiss Watch

Swatch Swiss Watch (Channel Letters Sign)

Blue Fish Glowing

Blue Fish Glowing (Channel Letters Sign)

Italian Provina Cafe

Italian Provina Cafe (Channel Letters Sign)

Crown Plaza Hotel

Crown Plaza Hotel (Channel Letters Sign)

Sundance Cinemas

Sundance Cinemas (Channel Letters Sign)

Premier Fine Wine Spirits

Premier Fine Wine Spirits (Channel Letters Sign)

The Craft Of Cocktail Prohibition

The Craft Of Cocktail Prohibition (Channel Letters Sign)

River Oaks Emergency Center

River Oaks Emergency Center (Channel Letters Sign)

Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwich

Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwich (Channel Letters Sign)

Strata Restaurant Bar

Strata Restaurant Bar (Channel Letters Sign)

The Craft Of Cocktail Prohibition   2

The Craft Of Cocktail Prohibition 2 (Channel Letters Sign)

Absolute Physical Therapy Fitness

Absolute Physical Therapy Fitness (Channel Letters Sign)

Russos New York

Russos New York (Channel Letters Sign)

Total Family Care

Total Family Care (Channel Letters Sign)

Grace Church Before Install

Grace Church Before Install (Channel Letters Sign)

Total Family Care Night

Total Family Care Night (Channel Letters Sign)

Coaches Sports Bar And Grill

Coaches Sports Bar And Grill (Channel Letters Sign)

Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant (Channel Letters Sign)

Allegiance Bank

Allegiance Bank (Channel Letters Sign)

20 Below Sports Lounge

20 Below Sports Lounge (Channel Letters Sign)

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studio (Channel Letters Sign)

Citrus Nail Spa

Citrus Nail Spa (Channel Letters Sign)

So Fresh So Clean

So Fresh So Clean (Channel Letters Sign)

Insomnia Games

Insomnia Games (Channel Letters Sign)

Automated Outlet

Automated Outlet (Channel Letters Sign)

100 Percent Fresh Classic Bulb

100 Percent Fresh Classic Bulb (Channel Letters Sign)

Full Armor Firearms

Full Armor Firearms (Channel Letters Sign)

Fashion Studio

Fashion Studio (Channel Letters Sign)

Joseph S Goetz Md

Joseph S Goetz Md (Channel Letters Sign)

Columbus Outfitters

Columbus Outfitters (Channel Letters Sign)

West University Travel

West University Travel (Channel Letters Sign)

Evolve Fitness Studio

Evolve Fitness Studio (Channel Letters Sign)

Sharp Physiques Fitness

Sharp Physiques Fitness (Channel Letters Sign)

Bourbon Street Sports Bar

Bourbon Street Sports Bar (Channel Letters Sign)

Elite Auto Haus

Elite Auto Haus (Channel Letters Sign)

Blue Fish Sushi

Blue Fish Sushi (Channel Letters Sign)

Dirt Road Divas

Dirt Road Divas (Channel Letters Sign)

Fuel Kitchen Health Bar

Fuel Kitchen Health Bar (Channel Letters Sign)

Jimmy Johns Sandwich

Jimmy Johns Sandwich (Channel Letters Sign)

Sammys Wild Game Grill

Sammys Wild Game Grill (Channel Letters Sign)

Berripop Frozen Yogurt

Berripop Frozen Yogurt (Channel Letters Sign)

Coaches Sports Bar Grill

Coaches Sports Bar Grill (Channel Letters Sign)

Bradleys Fine Diner

Bradleys Fine Diner (Channel Letters Sign)

Quick Oil Change

Quick Oil Change (Channel Letters Sign)

Blue Fish Night

Blue Fish Night (Channel Letters Sign)

Palm Vape Channel Letter

Palm Vape Channel Letter (Channel Letters Sign)

Italian Polovina Cafe

Italian Polovina Cafe (Channel Letters Sign)

Yogurt Refinery

Yogurt Refinery (Channel Letters Sign)

Viktorias Bridal

Viktorias Bridal (Channel Letters Sign)